Give 125 Challenge:

February 20, 2020, Trinity United Methodist is celebrating their “125th” year in ministry. In order to celebrate this historic milestone, the church decided that each month for 1 year, they would support a local charity or group of people with a collection of “125” somethings. This journey began in December of 2019 and to date the estimated value of donations is $13,493.64.

Pastor Todd Bardin stated, “We wanted to emphasize our history of generosity by collecting 125 things each month to give away. It has been amazing to see the church at work and how much this congregation has given. All of our efforts have passed our initial goals, and people in DeLand and beyond are being cared for. I’m proud to be the pastor of such a generous and loving congregation!” For more information, call the church office at 386-734-4425.

October's Challenge:

The October contributions Trinity takes in for the 125th Anniversary will go towards our sister churches in Cuba.  The Florida United Methodist Conference has set a goal of matching every church in Cuba with a sister church in Florida. Trinity has taken on two sister churches. Churches in Cuba start out as house churches, a home for the pastor and family as well as a worship area.


The 5th Methodist Church, also known as Shekináh is located in the city of Las Tunas about 40 miles southeast of Havana. It is also known as 5th Methodist of Las Tunas and is led by Pastor Aguilar and his wife, Yauleth, and son Gabriel. Shekináh currently serves 220 worshippers.

The Methodist Church Las Estancia is in the town of Amancio, southwest of Las Tunas. The Pastor Joel Martinez, his wife, Yaqulin, and son, Jose Alejandro. 


Life in Cuba has been a struggle for many years. Conditions worsened when the Soviet Union discontinued trade relations with Cuba. This left only Venezuela as a source of imports of staples. With the deterioration of Venezuela, the Cuban people are in desperate need of food and basic necessities.

Pastor Wilver Columbie Saborit served as the translator on our mission trip 2 years ago. His words 9/20/2020:

The crisis is too big on food and also medicine and things of first need, also many changes that are affecting us very much...few very few food and the few you find are too expensive, in these last 6 months food has increased its price very high, the commerce is shut from province to province and much more mess. I have been with much pain in my back and feet lately and right now I am in a big line where more than 200 people are waiting for two small packages of laundry detergent to wash , 2 small packages but don't know if I can get. This is terrible my friend much more than when we lived on 90-97

Like us, they are also adversely affected by the pandemic.

From Pastor Oscar Aguilar:

We wholeheartedly appreciate your intentions to help.  Here we are giving several services on Sunday so as not to crowd many people, we only occupy 30% of the total space in each service, and only one hour. I regret that it will not be possible to gather all of our members (about 220 people) for a celebration at the moment. What we could do is buy food and distribute it by families, or help with money for each family to buy it. Blessings.

Please hear their cries for help and know that any amount you donate will be tremendous in their eyes.

What We’ve Already Done:

December: The church collected 220 blankets and 30 sheet sets for the homeless.

January: The church collected 600 pairs of socks and raised $523 for Citrus Grove Children.

February: The church collected 160 packages of snacks for Citrus Grove teachers and staff.

March: The church raised $485 for H.O.P.E. (Helpers of People Enslaved).

April: The church had a total of 123 service hours.

May: The church donated 4 trunk loads of food and $2,500 to the Stetson Food Pantry.

June: The church donated 2 canisters of baby formula, 26 packages of baby wipes, 1 baby monitor, 1,318 diapers, and $635 to the Grace House.

July: The church donated enough supplies to assemble 70 blessing bags that we will handout to those in need as well as $565.

August: The church was able to collect $530 in gift cards, 15 backpacks with school supplies, + 39 blessing bags to donate to DCF and the police force to help buy necessary supplies for children in need. 

To view more photos and information on each month click the file listed below!

For more information contact Steve and Debbie Jones, 125 Challenge Coordinators

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