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Love In Action

At Trinity United Methodist Church, we are disciples who create disciples through the transforming love of Jesus. Our Serve Projects are Kingdom Focused and meant to build relationships with each other as well as our community. Below are a list of past and potential projects that may be considered for individuals and groups on which to focus attention. Click on an area of interest to learn more about these projects, or scroll down to see the entire list.

Areas to Serve:

Overcome Poverty:

Neighborhood Center of West Volusia

Family Renew

World Hunger


Improve Health:

Good Samaritan Clinic

Grace Pregnancy Center


Fresh Expression:

Dinner Church

Theology on Tap


Advocate for Justice:

Racial Equality


Sexual Equality

Human trafficking


Holy Yoga


Existing Ministries/Para Church:

UMC Children’s Home 


Stetson Wesley House


First Responder Outreach 


Citrus Grove Elementary:

Outreach to Children

Annual 5k

Outreach to Teachers and Staff


Creation Care:

Community Clean-up

Ecology Outreach

Bethel Cemetery Upkeep

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